Why isn't posting new images working with previews in Internet Explorer?

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    I am using the Liquorice theme. Sometimes, after I preview or publish a post, many of my pictures are gone, with all the captions stringing together under another picture. I think it might be because the post is too long or something, or maybe my theme doesn’t support that many pictures. Is there a way to allow my posts to be as long, and have as many pictures as I want?
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    Would you please tell us which browser (and version of) you’re using?


    I am using IE 8


    You should be able to add as many pictures as you want (within reason, too many will make the page too slow at some point) and you should be able to do that with IE8.

    What you have described might be happening because of how the pictures were added that for some reason is not working well with the visual editor in IE8.

    I’m opening IE8 to test it right now.


    I’m sure that is the case. I am no programmer and I bet that I’m adding them incorrectly. Basically, I just use the image uploader and then I hit enter to create a line or two in my post and then I add another.

    Is there a better way of adding photos to posts?


    That’s the best way. Still testing…


    Found some issues with the combination of inserting images, IE8, and previews. Working on writing up a bug report. Note that we tested other browsers and they aren’t having the same trouble.


    Very weird. Maybe I should try using Firefox? Do you think that would help?


    It’s always a good idea to upgrade your browser to the latest version (in IE’s case, version 9). If you want to do that or explore other browsers, please visit http://browsehappy.com/

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