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    Hope this isn’t a .com/.org issue. If it is I apologize in advance.

    I bought the name through wordpress. Now I’m looking for an email host so I can have a info@backchecksblog or (email redacted)

    I took the gmail tutorial and emailed them 3-4 times asking if their service lets me use an email address like (email redacted) but they’ve never responded.

    Does anybody know of an email service that can give me an (email redacted) that I can link to my blog?

    Amazingly, I’m starting to get subscribers and I want to contact them but don’t want to reach out form my personal email account.

    The blog I need help with is



    Yes, you can do that already. See the instructions here:



    I’d be a bit wary of that “Amazingly, I’m starting to get subscribers and I want to contact them but don’t want to reach out form my personal email account.”

    That may be considered unsolicited email, which in most places these days is not only objectionable, but also litigable.



    When I moved my .ORG site to WordPress.COM I worked with my old host and created the proper records on WordPress.COM and kept my old mail servers. I was never able to quite get the gmail thing to work. Once I got the proper records working my email works and looks exactly like it did before the move.



    Thank you raincoaster. I’ll give that a try.

    justjennifer, thank you for the word of caution, I will proceed with due care. BTW, are you licensed to practice law? If you’re not, that post may be considered practicing law without license which could land your butt in jail.

    Glad to hear it worked it for you auxclass.


    There is nothing in Jennifer’s email where she “practices law.” She says “may be considered.”



    Dang that page is above my pay grade raincoaster. It doesn’t say a word about email. It’s also how I ended up at google who didn’t even respond to my questions. To heck with them. They’re just to big to bother.

    Thanks for trying.



    Interesting point sacredpath.

    1. justjenifer missed the point that I wished to contact subscribers to my site with an email from my site. They already signed up to receive communication from my site.

    2. justjenifer crossed the line, with the words, “…is not only objectionable, but also litigable.”

    Her sentence, which includes legal terminology (unsolicited, objectionable, litigable) and quasi legal phrase (may be considered) in a legal context use of “may be considered” is structured so as to imply legal advice.*

    Even in the hands of a third year law student.

    *Disclaimer: I am not lawyer and I am not licensed to practice law. The opinions expressed herein are merely my own and are offered solely for the purpose of discussion and debate.

    See the difference?

    3. My blog is about ice hockey. While the oligarchy and corporate governance has had a negative impact on hockey culture we are not litigious.

    4. I interpreted her post as silly and absurd. So I responded in kind, sort of.

    5. Finally, anyone interested in selling fear should contact their local Tea Party or Stephen Colbert. I ain’t buyin’ :)


    Brad do as you wish.



    Jennifer is a very wise woman who should be listened to.

    If you don’t think ice hockey is litigious, you are not Canadian. I am Canadian.

    The link I gave you does discuss email, if you read it in its entirety.



    Thanks again raincoaster. That link doesn’t help as I stated previously. I will find another solution that works for me.


    Brad, thousands of people have set up emails for their custom domains here using the Google Apps method, so I know it works. With it, you can use (email redacted) or (email redacted), or (email redacted) or (email redacted), or whatever you want. All that is happening is that an alias email address is being created that direct to gmail. What you and everyone else will see is (email redacted). You will be able to email from that email address and others will be able to email you using that address or addresses.



    Hey Brad, good luck with your blog and your ambitions. I’m sure it all will work out in the end. And for the record, that’s just my opinion.

    Cheers mate.



    Thank you justjennifer and all the best to you as well. Nuthin’ personal just a difference of opinion. Isn’t that part of what makes us human?



    sacredpath, Tried that link. Maybe thousands can but it isn’t dumb downed enough for me. thanks anyway. googleApps tells me I’m using the wrong password. The one WordPress gave me. I have no patience for the friggin’ hoops. No interest in learnin’. It either works or I hire somebody to make it work.

    Eff ’em all bigtime. All logic and not a lick of common sense.

    Thank god I was one year ahead of new math. I never would’ve survived.

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