“email a friend” feature for wordpres.com blog posts – with feedburner

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    in previous threads, there were requests/questions about having this feature. the threads seem to be closed now.

    i have figured out a way of doing it using feedburner. and no, i am not talking about “get email udate” options”.

    check out the instructions here


    Hey, not a bad idea. I will try that out with my next post.


    i have created a one-click bookmarklet to help you automatically generate the Feedburner web form that easily enables your reader to email a post.

    “Email this post” bookmarklet for wordpress.com blog posts

    Enjoy! :D



    I don’t know why they closed all the old threads; I AM surprised you could even find it, though. This is going to be popular: we get at least one request every two days for this.


    oh wow! you can tell how often folks search for something here? you rock! :D

    don’t forget to check out the bookmarklet. it’s easy and saves labour! :D



    No, I’m just on the forum so much I know how often all the usual suspects get asked. Adsense every twelve hours. Club Penguin suspension/snitfight every five days. Blog Scrapers every 24 hours or less…etc.


    For a while there, the penguins were having a fit every ten minutes. It was over the top.



    I think that was all the same penguin, though. It’s so hard scoring these little dramas.


    Especially when every penguin looks just like the next.

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