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    I need to change my email address in my “profile”. However every time I change it, and save it the same email keeps reappearing.


    You need to change it in options > general, which is the place where the admin contact email is changed. After changing it, click update options and you will receive an email at that new address confirming the change.


    I am having this problem also…small world!

    I did change it in the Options>general, got the email notice at my new email address, responded on the link, but in the profile my old email is still there…and I still get moderation notices there as well.



    Did you check in options > general to see if it showed the new address? If it does, then go to users > your profile and change it there as well. Some people will use a different one on their profile than the one they use for their main account.


    thesacredpath – thanks for the prompt response. In fact after I replied from my new email address, the users>your profile did change but the options>general remains stuck with the old one. When I enter the new one and hit update…back comes the old one.


    I would suggest contacting staff on the issue then as there seems to be something amiss. (Mon-Fri 8am-4pm Pacific time) or using the “support” button in the upper right of your dashboard.


    One thing I just thought of is that this may happen if the email address you are trying to change it to was used to set up another blog account. Each account has to have a unique email address.


    Thanks I will check with the staff.



    you two ain’t da only one. i’m having issues
    how do i email people outside of wordpress or how do they get to me
    i tested it with my aol and it wouldn’t go through


    If you are wanting to send email updates when you make a new post see this FAQ which I got by typing “email” into the FAQ search box:

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