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    The email this blog was started from (apparently – I didn’t realize) has been deleted, so now I can’t access my blog. The username and password don’t work, and I can’t “retrieve lost password,” can’t get into the dashboard, so I can’t use the blog but can’t delete it either! Now what? Is there some other way to get into the blog dashboard? The blog is Send emails to vchames at earthlink dot net because the one attached to this blog is gone. (deleted)



    You did not specify a blog address or reason for posting when you created this topic.

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    I HAVE MORE THAN ONE BLOG ON WORDPRESS. The one with the problem wasn’t on the choice-list. I am now signed in to a different blog (NOT the problem one) because that’s the problem – I can’t get into the blog: you can reply to this (noproblem’s) blog’s email, ie. northberkeleywriters at gmail dot com

    Please help if you can, or at least tell me how I can delete the Spirit blog if it can’t be fixed. Thanks, Victoria



    Staff will have to straighten it out, but unless you can provide the API key of the blog, it’s unlikely that they will. This thread has been flagged for their attention.



    If you don’t have access to the dar[…] (at) email address that the blog was registered under, or can’t get Google to restore it, do you have your API key? This was included in your Welcome email with a note to keep it safe.



    Hello and thank you –

    I found a way to access the blog by using the old email address (the discontinued one) and its password instead of the blog’s username. The dead email was still on the wordpress account records, so WP let me into the dashboard, and then I was able to change the email address there to an existing one where I can receive messages from wordpress etc. I still don’t know why it refused the correct username and password in the first place; it just does that sometimes and I have to login in several times and then it takes it. Computers like to play with our heads sometimes.

    Anyway, maybe this will help someone next time this happens. I didn’t find anything in the forum or help pages. Thanks again for your suggestions, Victoria

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