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Email address link widget?

  1. Sorry for the dumb question, but how does one add a link to their email address in a widget such as a text box? Does WP have another way to add a link to your email?

  2. < a href="mailto:[email redacted]?This is from your blog">Send me email!< / a >

  3. Remove the spaces between the < >

  4. Moved to support

  5. Hello, I would also add a link to my email adress. I try with the code that podz give above but it doesn't work.
    My english is not perfect. Could you please give me the entire code once again.
    My email adress is : [email redacted]
    titel of the text widget : cOntact
    If you could do that, it would be...greatttttttttttttttt

  6. You add a text-widget to your site and put the code which podz gave into the widget, of course you remove the spaces and insert your own e-mail adress in the code instead of the example.

    Tried and tested, it works. Although perhaps I should not have an active e-mail link incase of spam.

  7. to pcm266
    thank you very much. now it works fine. I need time to understand... :-)

  8. I saw a nice site with some cute images to link to your gmail ids.

  9. This pertains only to gmail addresses and I'm wondering why it has been posted in two separate threads.

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