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    When I signed up, I used my regular e-mail address, since it said that it would not be publicly displayed. However, when I’ve gotten comments, I notice that the commenter’s e-mail address gets sent to me with the notification to approve the comment. I do not have an e-mail address saved to my public profile, but when I comment on other blogs, is the e-mail address that I used to sign up being sent to them?

    I’ve already changed the e-mail address associated with my account to a new e-mail address that’s not associated with my real name. I’m just curious if anyone knows.. if wordpress really was sending out my e-mail address without my knowledge. *sighs*

    The blog I need help with is



    Yes, blog administrators can see the email associated with your account when you comment on their blogs while signed in. That is not the same as publicly displaying your email address.

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