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email address with premium upgrade

  1. Help! I love using WP and I'm interested in upgrading to a new domain so I can set up a business website. I want to have an email address with the same name - e.g info@...
    I don't have an existing email host.
    I've looked at the info about using Google, GoDaddy etc but this doesn't really explain it to me. If I go down this route will I end up with my own email address (good) or a gmail address (not good).
    Any help appreciated.
    Blog url:

  2. does not provided and email service for those who purchase domain mapping upgrades. This is what can be done >

  3. Hi. Thanks for that. I had already looked at the info you mention but it didn't really explain what I wanted to know.
    Maybe I need to rephrase my question:
    If I have a domain hosted through WP, is it possible to have an email address using that domain name and, if so, how?

  4. No.

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