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Email addresses

  1. I'm looking at alot of wordpress blogs and none of them seem to have the bloggers email address. How does one email a blog-owner then?

    And whats a good suggestion on where to put ones email in a blog?


  2. You don't want to post your email or spammers will have a field day with it. Use a Contact page instead with the WordPress contact form: it forwards to your email. There are also email scramblers and such, and if you do a forum search you can find instructions for using those.

  3. If they have their own domain, you can use a whois service, copy in the domain name and see if a working email address is outputted.

    Either that or leave a comment. I have a whole lot of folks who do that on my blog. *sigh*

  4. Might sound stupid but how and where I can leave my comment?

  5. @rtw33
    The subject matter in this thread is "email addresses" . Your question does not fit. Please post a separate thread on "comments" and provide enough specific information in it so that your question can be answered.

  6. Oh, sorry.
    I'm desperately trying to contact one worldpress blog keeper and I cannot find his e-mail addres. The problem is I'm terrible with computers and English isn't my mother language so understanding is sometimes not-the-best. So I have no idea how to find one's e-mail addres by using whois-service or so.
    If is it possible can someone guide me with this "finding an e-mail" problem even more precisely ?

  7. You cannot "find" a blogger by use of their email address.
    Wordpress will not break any blogger's confidentiality and violate their privacy by releasing email addresses.

    Think about it. If email addresses were available to everyone who professed "desperate need" then spammers would use them with impunity. At present 95% of all comments received are spam.
    Also there are many bloggers who choose to have private blogs and who choose not to make their email addresses know to anyone other than wp administration.

  8. Is there any way I can contact a blogger?
    I understand what you're saying about privacy and I'm terribly sorry I ruined this thread.

  9. No.

    You have hijacked this thread and I'm not happy with you. Read what I posted again and understand what I said.

    If anyone who asked was issued an email address there would be no confidentiality at all. For example: You could be a cyber stalker tracking down another blogger and asking for wordpress help to locate them. Think about it.

    If a blogger wants to be contacted they post an email address on their blog and if they don't want to be contacted they don't post one. Due to spammers most savvy bloggers now use "contact" boxes on their blogs. If you want to reach a particular blogger go to his or her blog and use what's available.

    Note also that some people choose to set up their blogs so that you must become a registered member of their small blog centered community in order to post a comment on their blog at all.

    If you can't find the blog then you can do a Google blog search using the blog subject matter as a search term(s).

  10. If he has enabled comments on his blog, you can click on the permalink or title to any blog post and at the bottom you should be able to write a comment in. If he hasn't done that, maybe he doesn't want to be contacted.

  11. You have hijacked this thread and I'm not happy with you.

    *sigh* Haven't we had this talk before?

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