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  1. I am building a private blog that will have six authors, is it possible that all six of us will get an email alert, whenever anyone creates a new post or leaves a comment.

  2. unfortunately, the email updates in the FAQ won't work with a private blog. Private blogs don't use RSS feeds, which is what the Feedburner service in the FAQ relies upon.

    I know this has been discussed before on the forum, and i think the answer is you can't. Sorry :(

  3. With only six people, why not simply create an email list like on Yahoo or something and have everyone who writes email the list that they've done so? Or simply expect that all six will check the blog at least daily? That's what I would suggest. If they can't be bothered to do that, how committed can they be?

  4. Do you now, if private blogs and rss are generally a problem - or just in this free wordpress service?

  5. As I said in the other thread, if RSS feeds were available for private blogs, anyone could subscribe to the feed and read the entire blog. I doubt there's a platform out there that allows this, and if there is one, it's obviously fundamentally flawed. It would not be private at all.

  6. Hi - I found a solution for getting privacy and rss-notification:
    [Link removed as it does not concern blogs - drmike]

  7. That's not a solution for blogs.

  8. Or possibly blogdeath at the hands of people reporting you for spamming. And stealing content.

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