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    Hello, we have a url registered at GoDaddy ( and a wordpress blog ( We would like to forward and mask our domain name to our blog. We would also like to make sure our email for that domain (ie. (email redacted), etc.) still function. The email addresses are actually handled by a DIFFERENT site ( other than GoDaddy. I know that there are steps to take involving getting the DNS from so that we can still have functional email addresses after the forwarding takes place.

    My real question is, while I understand that the mapping takes a day or so to really work (in my past experience), and I have to wait until that happens to enter the DNS for the emails – which they say can take 72 hours to go into effect – what happens to any emails that I get while waiting for everything to work itself out? Do I just not receive anything sent to me from the moment I forward domains until the DNS is sorted out? Does it come in but stay on the email server and just not get forwarded to my Outlook until then? I assume I’ll be completely unable to send outgoing mail in that time also, but I really don’t know.

    We are a DJ business that needs to be in constant contact with our clients, so I really can’t afford to lose 3 days or more of emails. Any thoughts? Thanks!
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    Member does not provide an email service for domains. You must use Google apps >


    Timethief, thanks for the reply, however I don’t think you understand what I am trying to do completely.

    I do know that it doesn’t provide an email service. I already have one. I am just trying to still be able to use the one I have after I forward the domain. And I do not need to use Google Apps if I use the process on that same link you gave me entitled “Other Email Providers”.

    I just was wondering what my functionality will be in the interim and what happens to the emails that are sent to me while I am waiting for everything to be fully functional.



    I flagged this thread so Staff will provide you with a response.


    Staff is definitely the right place to start, and choose Other Email providers.

    Since you’ll still be using the same email service, you should not notice an interruption in service.

    There is always the change that everything may go horribly wrong, the world may end, bugs will become victorious over human life, and other such things, but generally your email should be fine.

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