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    Hi all,

    I’ve seen several questions on the forum about blogging or posting via email. I also wanted to know how to blog or post from my cell phone since I’ll be on a road trip without computer access soon.

    So for anyone else who is interested, I found a make-shift solution through Flickr. More details are here:

    Basically, you set up the connection to your blog in Flickr and you get an email address from them – something like “let##(email redacted)” – and then you can send photo messages from your camera phone to this email address, which will automatically post the message on your blog as well. The email subject becomes the post title and the text + photo become the entry itself.

    Downside: this won’t work with just text. If you don’t send a picture of some kind, Flickr won’t accept it and nothing goes on your blog. Maybe someday will take pity on those of us who want email blogging, but until then this is one solution. If anyone figures out a way to just email text to your blog, let me know!



    I note with surprise the threads on posting via email and how there aren’t really plans for that to happen with wordpress. I must say that’s it’s a pity but after around three days on wordpress I went back to blogger though I did think that wordpress was a good blogging platform. One of the main reasons was this email by post issue, which I find I can’t do without. Changing the template is also something important to me as it gives a lot of control over personalising my blog. Anyway, this is just my two cents. I like wordpress, which is why I still visit and am posting this message despite not really using my wordpress blog but going back to blogger with my tail between my legs. ;p



    Again, it’s a matter of security over features. I think of all those times that Blogger’s been hacked.

    Folks, as you know I do webhosting elsewhere. Yesterday, the firewalls dealt with just over 16k DDoS attacks along with untold scans.

    Security is an issue.



    Hackers and people who send viruses should be beaten like a pinata. And have large rocks thrown at their toes.



    common, how on earth blog posting via e-mail is “a matter of security over features”!?

    I don’t think it’s a good idea to terrify users into avoiding idea of using a mobile blogging by misterious acronyms like DDoS (Denial of Service).

    besides, they have already gone through several such a total “Denial of Service” caused by anything (hardware failure etc…) but a hacker’s attack.

    my guess that ‘blog-by-email’ feature will never be accomplished (actually there’re already some working parts in the MU sources) just by the same reasons as standard core importers like RSS, LiveJournal and some other are now disabled on



    You can make flickr work without sending a “picture”. (Call it an avitar that you are sending if it makes you feel better)The posts look like the above posts in this forum with a small picture to the right of the post. Just use the thumbnail option when you set up your email post account on Flickr. Don’t screw around with the layout options as it seems to screw everything up. (It did for me anyway and I had to start all over again) Send the same small picture (Avitar size) everytime you email a post. (Keep it on a disc or thumbdrive. Now, if I could just figure out the line spacing format issue!
    See a post using the above description here:



    Enuf F*n Hacks !!!!!

    The massses want to blog by email.

    Nuf Say’d



    Oh well then. That’ll do it for sure.



    I’m sold. Sign me up. How have I survived all these long and cold years without it? Be still my beating heart. We’re holding out for a…

    Let’s see now, 4 or 5 here in this thread. It’s porbably came up say 20 times in teh last year. Sounds like masses.



    It is not blogging by mail, but is a way to post off a mobile phone. It is what we have for now.




    nod to Trent :)


    hey, look at that, the RSS importer is mysteriously gone. that’s weird.

    email may be a no go, but lets you post by IM. maybe if you beg in their forums, they’ll implement email, too. you’d have to have your email attached to a passport account, but hey!



    I say we count every polite post as one and every rude one as minus one vote.

    It would be a useful feature; god knows I love snapping pix on my phone but it’s quite a process to load them onto the blog and the time delay is massive.



    I’ll second that.



    Can we or can’t we blog by email? I found instruction for doing so, but now can’t find them again, and if you click on ‘posting’ under ‘options’, there is an email option.



    Blogging by email is not yet possible.

    It does exist in the version but not here yet.



    WPMu as well. :)



    What’s the version? I run wordpress on my own domain. Is that the version?

    I am so close to being a Luddite, it’s not funny.




    If you’re hosted elsewhere, you’re at the wrong site. You need to be at as you would be running different software than we do here.



    Too bad Flickr e-mail to WordPress is broken and looks like it has been broken for a long time.

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