email CANNOT be changed, LINK DON'T WORK

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    email CANNOT be changed
    when trying to change email adress, I receive a link in my OLD email and when I click on the link, I got REDIRECTED on the login page. The link IS NOT WORKING.

    I have WAITED the LAST 6 MONTH for WordPress to fix the problem and since I AM NOT A PAID custommer I can’t contact them.
    This problem need to be resolved as my OLD EMAIL ADRESS IS NOT MONITORED ANYMORE.

    you can still reach me on my old email adress for now: (email redacted)
    I’ll come and see if anybody got a manual solution… Worpress really don’t care about non paying custommer.

    The blog I need help with is



    yeah well… my email got erased from old post…
    but I’m linked for notification so I guess I’ll receive your answer if I monitor my old email adress for a while…
    this is quite annoying.



    All RIGHT I’ve FLAGGED this THREAD for STAFF attention.




    sorry if I was “a bit” annoyed… (after 6 month of patience)
    I’m glad this could be flagged that fast…



    The confirmation URL is time-sensitive, so try changing it one more time. If the link doesn’t work when clicked, try copying and pasting it into your browser’s address bar.

    Also, I see that you’re using IE 8, which is a bit out of date. Are you able to upgrade to at least IE 9 (maybe even IE 10), or switch to Firefox or Chrome?



    time sensitive : not the issue. unless it require to click the link inside 1 minute.

    IE8: nope, I’m using Opera 12.14 with Html5 setting ON. Problem is, when you open a link in Outlook 2007 (Email) it open it in Internet Explorer, no matter your prefered browser. and I happen to have Windows XP wich CANNOT be upgraded further to IE8, therefore it open the link in IE8.
    but whatever Browser I use, a CONFIRMATION LINK is a TEXT LINK and this SHOULD WORK in ANY Browser, since you do not have to analyze anything but the New userID code… wich mine look as follow:

    I copied it in Opera Browser and it worked.

    conclusion: your programist should fix that flaw anyway…

    but thanks, issue fixed…



    confirmed… it work like that…



    I made another test, to ensure I don’t get bugged again in future (spam is forcing us to change email at least once in a while)

    and I also noticed the link don’t work if you are NOT LOGGED IN.

    Therefore, when I was connected with OPERA attempting to change email and Outlook was opening the link in IE8 browser, it couldn’t work because I was connected (cookie) with Opera, not with IE.

    I don’t think this behavior was intended.

    thanks Matrix for finding the cause



    Ah yes, you’ll need to be logged in for the link to work. This is to prevent random folks from changing your email for you.



    don’t take it bad, but… I was wondering…

    if that folk can:

    1. Log in into my WordPress Account
    2. Select a Change Email,
    3. Log in into my email Account
    4. Get the ID Code.

    does it really matter that he is still logged when he activate the ChangeEmail Id Code ? because if he already got access to my WordPress Account AND my email account it doesn’t seem like a “big” security mesure to me.

    but thanks MacManx… didn’T meant to get carried out away in previous post, I was just tired this took so long to get fixed.

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