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  1. Is it possible, with a site, (twenty-eleven theme) to have an email capture widget in the sidebar, that I can use with constant contact? If so, please direct me.

    I know it is possible with a site.

    Or purchase Pro Bundle or...?

    My apology for posting a question like this yesterday but forgot to check the notify me box below, and I cannot find any responses to that post.

    Thanks for the help

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No you cannot use Constant contact on a free hosted blog. No there is no upgrade you can purchase that will change that. You can create a static Page and boldly state it's for those who wish to have their email addresses captured and then below it you can post a contact forum shortcode. However, if you are into big scale email marketing then you need hire a web host an set up a install.

    Note 1: You cannot obtain any information that personally identifies any of your followers. This is a privacy issue. What's required for registering here is an email address only. That email address for many of us is a throwaway email address due to the aggressive email address harvesting and spamming that's rife on the internet.

    Note 2: This may sound "heavy" but I think it's important to recognize that when an email address is provided for a specific purpose, such as for receiving posts from a blog or submitting a comment to a blog, that is the only purpose it is being provided for, and any additional use of it is unauthorized. In Canada it's illegal to use an email address for any purpose other than the specific purpose it was provided for.

  3. timethief

    Thank you for your passionate answer.

    My wording is "If you would like to sign up for our monthly newsletter please fill out the form below, select that option and submit.

    We will then send a confirmation email to be sure that is what they intended to do. We are a very small studio offering workshops classes etc.

    That seems upfront to me.


  4. Then a Contact Form should work fine for you.

  5. @alderego
    Hi David. It sounds like creating a Page and using the customizable contact form shortcode on it will suit you well. Best wishes with your blog. :)

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