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    When I started my multiple blogs on WordPress, I used my previous work email where I worked for almost ten years. Now, I am no longer in that job, or using that email, and now that I want to change it to a non work (icloud for ex.) related email for future safety, I cannot. Reading the support forum, no one has been able to answer the question. When they answer it, they do not get the point that the system will only allow it.

    When I go to admin to change my email, the email does not change and the security feature sends an email to my old email in order to approve the change of the old email to create a new one. I cannot do anything on any of my blogs for the past 3 years because of this issue.

    I tried to change it with my icloud account, and although it was approved, the email was sent to the email I cannot access, so when I now add the icloud account to test it, it reminds me that the icloud account is in use and cannot be used to change the account which means that the email change to the icloud account was approved, but I have not been able to read the email.


    Today I am exporting all of my blogs, but I will not be able to use the names of the blogs because they are in use, or the icloud account because wordpress has it in memory somehow.

    I thought of maybe starting a new blog with new names, and making sure I never use a work email again because if you leave that job, unless you change it before leaving, there is no one in wordpress to help you with this issue. I thought also of migrating the blogs elsewhere as I will not be able to use my blog names, but I love wordpress.

    The blog I need help with is

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