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    I have an account with the username “seraphjarryd7”. The email attached to this account was “Email 1”. I wanted to use “Email 1” to make a brand new account, so I changed “Email 1” on “seraphjarryd7” to “Email 2”. When I try to use “Email 1” to make a new account it tells me that it has already been used, but when I log in to “Email 1”, it tells me that the emaill attached to the account is “Email 2”. I just want to clear “Email 1” so I can make a brand new account with it.


    Hi –

    You took the correct steps to make this happen. I’m wondering if your browser might be storing some old information. Have you tried to clear the browser cache and then set up the second account using email 1?

    Here are the instructions to do that:

    Let me know if that doesn’t work though and I’ll send a private email your way so that we can sort out the details.

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