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Email comments notification error

  1. Hi. I wondered if someone could help with a comments issue. One of my commenters commented on a post, saying that after their initial comment they clicked the 'Notify me when new feedback are added' checkbox and now every time a comment is added they receive four emails with identical comments. Firstly, could you tell me how to unsubscribe that person from the notification service (or should I tell them they need to do it manually, as is it right the blogger cannot?) and is it possible to look into why, or have you any ideas, it was that the person received those multiple emails of the same comments? Hopefully it won't happen to them again, or anyone else as I do not want to put them off subscribing to the comments section, and as it was part of a competition as well, it meant they missed out on adding their answer to a comp in the comments. Still I realize these errors happen from time to time.

    The blog I need help with is

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