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email contact support engineers

  1. what is the email contact for support engineers...

  2. Support at WordPress dot Com.

  3. It's only available if you paid for a Premium or Business Plan.

  4. Not true at all. The email is available to everyone. It's slow as hell.

  5. You sure? Try seeing THIS.

  6. rain is sure and rain is accurate

  7. Quite sure, thank you. Read it again, slower.

  8. If you are correct then tell me how to contact Support via email!



    I get:

    First, review top questions for an instant answer.

    Second, type your question and let's see if we already have an answer handy.

    Finally, let the community know what's on your mind.

    No email support. You're wrong.

  10. Support. At. WordPress. Dot. Com.

    You're having difficulty following a link in the forum. Are you sure you're quite ready to answer technical questions?

  11. I went to WORDPRESS.COM, I go to Reader.

    I go to SUPPORT AT WORDPRESS.COM I get a whole bunch or articles.

  12. And I've answered sixty thousand questions in the support forums and I know the email that staff did not put on the contact page. The question was about the email. I answered it correctly. You did not.

  13. Now I get it! Why didn't you put [email redacted] then?

  14. Because posting an actual email address like that means it will be harvested by spammers.

  15. Because email address's are usually stripped out for privacy reasons and to protect the poster from spam bot harvesting - which you would have known if you had checked the forum for a while

  16. I know I seen (email redacted) like these but you didnt make it clear it would be more clear if you put Support @

  17. Spammers can still read that.

  18. Just to clarify, all users can either use the support forums or the email address raincoaster posted. Often posting in the forums is a faster route because in addition to staff, we have a nice group of volunteers who can often help users before we can. :)

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