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    When I publish a new post, I no longer receive an email of the new post as I have in the past. I have also not received any feedback responses from my “contact us” link. This condition has appeared in the past 72 hours. I have not changed any administrative settings during this period. What is going on?
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    The blog I need help with is


    I am really confused why my new posts no longer are copied to my admin email for my account, please help me solve this issue.



    Would you please check your email’s spam folder?


    Thank you for responding. My spam folder is empty. And, in the past, previous to about July 25, every single new post generated an email sent to the email address that is in my admin profile for the blog.

    Can you examine this situation in more detail, please?



    I don’t see anything on this end that would be block us, but there have been instances in the past of AOL blocking all emails from us.

    Do you have access to a non-AOL email address that you could try in its place?


    I have previously received the emails from new posts to the aol account currently being used. In fact at least 80 posts were received using the aol account. As of July 18, no new posts have been received. Do your tech folks communicate with aol to confirm your suggestion that aol may be blocking emails from WP? If not, is something that your team could tackle? Also, is it possible to run a test from your tech team? Thanks again for the attention you have given to this issue. I hope it can be resolved soon.



    It would be more tailored to the specific situation.

    If you please test with a non-AOL email address, we’ll have more information to tackle them with, and therefore get a much faster solution.


    Well, I can say with all confidence that it is not an issue with aol, as your replies in this forums generate email notifications to the aol account.



    Yes, but it could be the content of the subscription emails, perhaps specific headers being caught.

    Did you have any luck with a non-AOL account?


    By “subscription emails” are you referring to the address that entered in the admin user profile?

    What is a “header”?

    As I mentioned, I received 80 previous emails to my account for each and every post uploaded prior to July 18.

    Have not tried another provider … I am sure the provider is not the issue.



    By “Subscription Emails” I mean the emails that are sent out when you write a new post.

    Headers are basically all of the data in an email that the computers interpret and humans never see:

    The only way to know for sure if the provider is the issue is to try another provider.


    May have figured this out and fixed this. Not sure if your designers made changes, but I checked settings and the email box was unchecked. While I do not recall unhecking this box, it is not impossible. Unless there were some design changes, or some other glitch, it may have been my own fault. I may have unchecked the email box by mistake. If that is why happened, please accept my appology for this whole exchange.

    Any case, if anybody ever stops receiving email updates of new posts, check your settings and ensure your box is checked.


    Thanks for your prompt attention and time you gave to this thread. Sincerely.


    Bad news, I have checked the boxes in settings, but the problem still exists. I am not receiving copies of new posts via email. What is even more odd, I do get emails when I update and existing post. Sighhh



    Any luck with a separate email address?

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