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email duped

  1. It seems I can't remember if at one point I had 2 wordpress blogs-- I received an email saying that I had to change my email because someone else was using it. That is not the case because the email addy is my personal one and registered. Can you share how this might happen and share what blog is using this other email? here is my site


  2. U-who... Will someone please answer my question?

  3. The forums are staffed by volunteers, so it can take us a little while to answer questions. Can you explain what's happened a little more clearly? I'm not sure what you mean... you got an email from WordPress asking you to change your email? I've never heard of that, not without requesting the change in your profile.

  4. I never heard about such a problem. I am sorry, I can't help. :(

  5. ok-- thanks Mark for the linked info-- but I feel like a "#$%(^%" because I can't remember an other accounts I created on WordPress--how would I find my other accounts--im such a dork. :(

  6. @pandar1:

    are you actually experiencing any problems with using If not, i would ignore the email and go on my merry way. It frankly sounds like a phishing attempt to me.

  7. pandar1 - check your Users > Profile page. I left you a note :)

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