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    I am aware that blog owners are not able to remove or block followers (much to my chagrin, but just live with it). :)

    I had been emailing a friend, when it dawned on me, she had been using a new email address. Yesterday, I wrote her and asked if she was still receiving my blog post notifications. She said she had emails forwarded for a time, but recently deleted the old account, so no longer received them. Bummer. She will be signing up again with the new account, but there is no way for her to unsubscribe from the other.

    So… I wonder… Would WordPress remove from our email follower lists, those email addresses that would bounce since they are no longer in existence? If they don’t at this time (which sees to be the case, since her address is still there), is that something that can be done in the future?
    Thank you.

    I wasn’t sure if to put this into Support or Ideas. If it would fit better elsewhere, could someone please move it?

    The blog I need help with is

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