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    On my new blog, there are at least 2 followers (email) who are receiving posts and not showing up as followers when I check in dashboard. I know that they are receiving the email for each post – not clear why they don’t show up in my list. Problematical! Is there any way they could be revealed so I can track all of the followers?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there.
    Can’t you seee your followers on the stat page?


    I know how to check the stats and the fact is that some followers are not displayed. Any other ideas?


    I am also having the same problem on my blog. I know certain followers are signed up and receive emails for new posts but they are not listed in on the followers list.



    I am having the same issue :-(


    I have had the same problem with 2 email followers since yesterday. They do not show up as followers, their views were not counted on the stats page, and I did not receive the email notification of a new follower.
    One of them resigned up this morning, and it went through just fine. Their first subscription never registered though.


    P.S. See above
    The problem is with my Boucle blog:



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