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    Can you provide more detail on what you need help with?




    I have a website idea I want to use but I don’t know how to do it or which template to use. I want a video on the front page, an easy to read large font menu across the top, a second page with a grid of videos and a last page with for donations but I also want the donate button to show up on every single page as an option to donate.

    what should I do?

    Emily [phone # redacted]

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    a page setup to where i can sell whatever to make money i dont know nothing and don’t really know nothing so id like a pe made site with whatever to make money without me doing anything



    If you want to use your site for eCommerce, you’ll likely need a Business plan, which enables plugins (such as WooCommerce). This will enable you to set up a shop and sell products via your website, as well as monetization options (i.e. ads). For more information, check out Plans and Pricing and WooCommerce.



    @emilyrafi912 Please create your own forum thread where we’d be happy to help you there instead:

    Also bare in mind that phone support is not offered on, so please do not post your phone number in a public form which is indexed by search engines. I’ve tagged staff to redact it.

    As some quick pointers though, I just wanted to say the following:

    • You could always embed a video on a page, but if you wanted a video header, only a few themes would support that. Examples include Twenty Seventeen and Swell
    • You could add a donate button to your website:
    • In order to have your Donate button displayed on all pages, you might wish to use a theme which supports a sidebar (see here & here), and then you could put the Donate button in your sidebar
    • Uploading videos directly to your website requires the Premium or Business Plan, as that comes with access to VideoPress. However, everybody can upload a video to another video hosting site, such as YouTube or Vimeo, and then embed that video on

    If you’ve got any questions about this though, please create your own thread instead.

    @badassabbs In addition to the resources @nikolnieto has provided, you may wish to read this article, which has a summary on all the different ways to monetise your blog, as well as more details about the specific plan requirements for each option:

    Let us know if you have any further questions or issues. :)



    @badassabbs as mentioned in our forum sticky please do not use our community forums for self-promotion.Thanks

    Hello there @emilyrafi912, I’ve removed the phone number from your above post as we do not provide phone support here. If you have any further question about your above topic, please post a new forum thread at and make sure to indicate the address of the site you need help with.

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