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    We have our wordpress blog pointed to our domain name which we secured through We’d like to create a contact email address for our blog which contains the domain name (for example, “(email redacted)”), and then have emails sent to that address actually forwarded to our hotmail account. stated that this is different than email hosting, that they couldn’t help on their end, and that it should be possible but instructions for this would need to come from From what I can tell, the information on the wordpress site about forwarding email seems to address a different situation and doesn’t appear to accomplish what we want. Does anyone have a suggestion on where I can learn how to have emails sent to my pseudo-domain name address forwarded to my personal email account? By the way, if you are going to mention “DNS records” in your answer, can you explain what those are? Assume I know nothing please (because I pretty much don’t yet). Thanks, and have a nice day.



    DNS stands for Domain Name System. DNS records are just a list storing your domain names, IP addresses, etc. If your host does not have this feature, try, for example, Network Solutions. Google Apps can help with emails using your domain.




    Thank you. In my scenario, who is my host? Hotmail?



    You need to have a host for your email – you can’t just create an email address out of thin air – several ways to do this

    More info:

    Your host for your blog is WordPress.COM


    From your post, seems to be your host for your domain name. Hotmail does email hosting.



    Thanks everyone, but something (probably very basic) just isn’t clicking yet for me and the links to the WordPress instructions just don’t quite help me understand. Yes NameCheap is my domain name host, and they offer email hosting too. However, when I explained what I wanted to do, they said I didn’t need their email hosting; rather, I need to find out from wordpress how to forward my “(email redacted)” to my personal hotmail account. It did sound like I would be making up a name out of thin air, but that’s what they said – that I didn’t need another email host.(??) Let’s say I misunderstood and I do need an email host like NameCheap (or whoever). This would allow me to create a new email address through them, and then I arrange to forward things sent to that new address to my hotmail account, right? And this is done through through WordPress per the linked instructions? The instructions mention doing something with my DNS records, but where do I even get those? From hotmail (are they my “host” since that’s the account where I want things forwarded?)? Or Namecheap (should they be my host for my new domain-related email address that I’d like to create?)? Sorry for my ignorance, but the explanation from wordpress that I was linked to doesn’t make sense to me.


    Okay, I understand what you are asking better. Actually, WordPress is not responsible for forwarding emails. If your email account is with Hotmail, you should go to Settings and set up forwarding email.

    But, based on your post, your personal email must be linked to your domain email, which leads me to my first post. If has email hosting, it has this feature. You will need to put your personal email onto this email hosting account. Click on link



    Thank you very much for your help. I’ve continued to read up on this stuff, and what you just said now makes sense to me. I think I misunderstood what NameCheap told me to do in the first place, but this helps. I appreciate it!

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