Email forwarding to Gmail not working

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    I have a domain name with WordPress. I only used 1 email forward so far and it’s not working.

    I created the email forward (email redacted) to be forwarded to (email redacted)

    I got the confirmation in Gmail. Clicked it. WordPress said my mail would now be forwarded there and it has been.

    I followed WordPress and Gmails instructions so that I can send emails back so that it shows from “(email redacted)” instead of my Gmail address.

    However, it’s not working.

    When I click “Add another address I own” in the Google settings, I fill in the name and email address, but then it says:
    SMTP server: (Is this even correct? How do I find out???)
    username: (What username do I use? The one I use to sign into WordPress???)
    password: (Again, my WordPress password???)

    I tried entering my wordpress information and it didn’t work. I tried entering my Gmail info, didn’t work. Tried entering my forwarding email address info, didn’t work. I left it blank and it didn’t work.

    I’m at a loss.

    The blog I need help with is



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    Thank you!

    Because last time I did this, it didn’t ask me for a SMTP thing and it didn’t ask for a username or password.

    Now it’s asking and I have no idea what to enter.

    Thank you again.



    Hi there,

    As long as you have gone through the process of adding your domain as an alias to your gmail account (as detailed in Gmail’s help article here: by going to their Gear icon >> Settings >> Accounts and adding your domain as a “Send email as”, then you should be able to either use the Gmail app on your iPhone or Android smartphone immediately.

    Alternatively, if you would like to set up your alias as a separate account, you should be able to follow these instructions:

    For setting your mail up in iOS7. Let me know if you need similar instructions in Android and which version you are running and I can see what I can find online!



    Gmail has recently changed the way it works and now will not allow you to send mail as if you have simply forwarded an email address to your gmail account :-(


    That is correct: as far as I can tell gmail now REQUIRES you to know the SMTP settings to set up a “send mail as” address. I have the same problem as benfrankylin: I checked with my domain that wordpress is handling the mail forwarding, but I do not know the exact SMTP address or username to use.



    Thanks for providing that relevant information. Is there a document stating that which you can link to here please?


    The gmail support doc:

    I have also tried to walk through the process with my gmail account – there appears to be no option which avoids needing to input SMTP settings.



    Thank you so much for that link. I have tagged this thread for Staff attention. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.



    According to Google’s docs, it’s just a recommendation, not a requirement.

    What sort of trouble are you having exactly?


    I can’t provide the info gmail asks for to set up the “send as” address, so it will not add the forwarded address to my gmail account.

    SMTP is not described as optional in the link I posted. Those are the instructions I’m following (as a gmail user, not a “Google Apps for Business” user). Specifically, when I try to actually add the address, there is no “skip this step” option for SMTP (and leaving the SMTP information blank gives an error).

    What doc says it’s optional? (if it is a recent change, there could be an inconsistency there too)



    From the document you linked to:

    We recommend that you configure your email client with two outgoing SMTP servers, one for Gmail and one for your other address. Or, you can use Gmail’s outbound servers with a different “from” address. If you’ve already configured the alternate address, your message will be sent from:(email redacted), sender:(email redacted), regardless of which custom from configuration you chose. does not offer email services, that includes SMTP. If you are just forwarding to your address, your email will have to be sent from your address.

    If you want to also send email from your domain, you’ll need to sign up with one of these third-party email services:

    More details:



    Thanks for the catch here. I was distracted because I’m multitasking and should have followed through myself. I’m sorry I didn’t. :(



    No worries, I appreciate you bringing it to my attention. :)


    Thanks. I think that does answer my questions.



    You’re welcome!

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