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    If I upgrade to the Personal plan and add a Custom Domain Name it says I can set up email forwarding to use the custom domain in my email address

    On this blog page it says you can set up 5 forwarding rules but the example given mentions setting up 5 different addresses on the custom domain all forwarded to the same destination email address

    Email forwarding supports up to five forwarding rules. For example, you can create custom email addresses for up to five people, or create up to five custom email addresses to redirect to the same email (such as (email redacted), (email redacted), (email redacted).) Great for a one-person business!

    What I would like to do is sort of the opposite to that.

    Will I be able to set up multiple forwards from info@ the custom domain name to different destinations so two people can be notified of any incoming enquiry?

    info@ the custom domain name -> myemail1
    info@ the custom domain name -> myemail2

    Thank you for your help

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi – Thanks for getting in touch.

    With most email providers you can use filters to forward a message on to another email address. Which provider are you using?


    Hi lizkarkoski, thanks for your reply
    I had thought of that as a solution but then found that you cannot auto-forward an email which has already been forwarded from somewhere else.

    What I would be wanting to do is forward the info@mydomain email address to a hotmail address and also a gmail address.

    On the current all-in-one website builder package the website is hosted at this is done with a single instruction info@mydomain->myhotmail,mygmail but reading through the wordpress help pages I was coming across things saying forwarding to two addresses in one instruction will fail. However, searching on google for similar problems bought me to a Hostgator page saying in their cpanel this would be achievable with two separate instructions in the forwarding info@mydomain->myhotmail and info@mydomain->mygmail which was why I was asking if this would be a workable solution on

    I need to find out the answer to this before upgrading as using wordpress but having to split the email off to somewhere like Zoho Mail for forwarding will incur extra cost, making other all-in-one options better value.


    Hi there,

    As @lizkarkoski says, most email providers allow you to set up filters to forward email addresses to multiple recipients. One alternative if you want to avoid making changes within your current email account is to set up a Gmail account specifically to filter emails from your specific domain email address to your intended recipients.

    Here’s a link explaining how to set up the email filtering/forwarding in Gmail:


    I want to point out that there are 2 different versions of WordPress.

    Here, at it is a managed environment. That’s different from using the open source, WordPress installation.

    The differences are outlined in this guide: I’ll be happy to answer any other questions about that.

    When you mention using CPanel, that is – not


    My mention of CPanel was purely to do with explaining their way of forwarding to two addresses in the same instruction.

    The question relates to and I thought would be a simple yes/no answer but seems to have been complicated by my trying to explain in detail.

    Can forward incoming mail sent to info@mydomain to myhotmail and mygmail?


    With you can set up email forwarding to one other email address. From that email address I’d recommend using a filter to forward it to the additional address(es). Does that make sense?


    I think so. Thank you.


    No problem, take care :)

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