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Email 'From' address does not match the blog sending the email

  1. Several months ago I signed up to receive posts from a blog called 'Laylita's Recipes'. Immediately after that, the posts from at least one other blog started coming in to my email with the from address: Laylita's Recipes <[email redacted]>. I understand that the blogger needs to do something to some settings, but I don't know what or how to find that information. I understand that this is not a unique problem. Any help you can give me would be appreciated. I tried to contact the blogger about it and she has been unpleasant about the issue.

  2. Without the URL of the blog in question we can't give you a conclusive answer. For example, if the blog is a self-hosted blog there's nothing we'd be able to do this side as and are completely separate.

    If it's a blog, the blogger has no control over notification emails themselves. The emails will also come from a donotreply address, rather than the blog itself. Only the person who signed up for the emails can unsubscribe or change their settings. You can do that from the Reader by clicking Edit next to the Blogs I Follow link and editing them for that specific blog, or by clicking the unsubscribe link in the notification email.

  3. The url for the problem blog is

    The blog it affects is

    I have unsubscribed from Laylita's recipes, and the blogger has also done so from her end. Nothing has affected the way the Feathered Photography posts come in. I have found nothing in my settings that I can change that would eliminate the problem.

    If the blogger has no control over the notification emails, is there something can do to fix the problem? Thanks.

  4. Neither of those blogs are hosted by so there's nothing anyone here can do about it. This forum only offers support for free sites, not self-hosted installs. and are completely separate and different:

    Please visit the support forum for assistance: If you don't already have a username on that forum, click the register button in the upper right corner so you can post in that forum.

  5. I posted on as you recommended, and have had absolutely no response. Any suggestions as to how to get someone to respond?… thanks.

  6. I'm afraid I'm not familiar with the protocol for getting help on the .org forum as I've never posted there. There should be a code of conduct or a 'how to get help' page on that site that would give you that advice.

    Sorry that I can't be more helpful in that regard.

    Have you tried contacting the owner of the photography blog? There should also be an unsubscribe option in the emails you get from them. If there isn't, you might have grounds to report them to their hosting provider for spamming. Copy their URL into this site: That will show you who their hosting provider is and it should also include a way to contact the blog owner directly.

    The other option is to tell your email to filter all emails from that blog as spam. It won't stop them from sending you emails, but at least you won't know about it unless you view your spam folder.

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