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email from YOU implied domain IS registered with you, whois says no? HELP!

  1. I am really really confused.
    I DID initially register with you. I since have redirected the dns to hostgator (I do not recall where I went to do this!).
    Today I got this email from you: will be renewed automatically. is about to be automatically renewed on April 21, 2013.

    You will be charged US$26 for this upgrade in 60 days, on April 21, 2013.

    You don't have to do anything — this is just a reminder.
    which meant I thought that the domain WAS registered with you still.
    So I came here to transfer to the domain to hostgator, where the site is now hosted—but checking where it's hosted with YOUR tools, it says it's not hosted with you—but with

    Please help!!!
    thank you!
    --sharon steuer

    The blog I need help with is

  2. revision to the above: Apparently my whois for the domain is:
    but I'm pretty sure I got it through
    and that says they don't have my domain
    how did it get transferred, and how do I transfer it to hostgator?

  3. Yes, buys the domains from Wild West Domains. That's all perfectly normal.

    Do you wish to transfer where the domain points, or do you wish to move it entirely to hostgator for management? To do the latter, follow these instructions

  4. Thank you.
    but here's the first issue:
    instructions are for moving registered domains, and they tell me to check the whois, which is NOT wordpress—so now what do I do?

    If the Wild West Domains ARE indeed the wordpress ones, so I do just proceed and follow instructions, then my next issue is :
    I can't find "Store → Domains in your dashboard"
    thank you for help!!

  5. To clarify again… I've looked in my site admin login dashboard, and here when I'm logged in—I can't find "Store" anywhere…

  6. You need to be logged in as the owner of the upgrade and an Admin to see the store - If you are Editor or below the Store option (assuming you are logged into your WordPress.COM blog / account) will not be shown

    If you are logged into a WordPress.ORG installed blog there is no Store option

    This has already been flagged for the staff to help also

  7. Thank you —I am logged in both to and my site as Admin, and don't see anything like "Store"… sorry… I'm probably missing something obvious, but not getting it…

  8. Thank you —I am logged in both to and my site as Admin, and don't see anything like "Store"… sorry… I'm probably missing something obvious, but not getting it…

  9. ooops—sorry—not sure if I can delete that dupe post!

  10. You need to be at as admin - you can see all the users at Dashboard >> users >> all Users - that will show who is who

    The log-in page for here is:

    You don't want to be logged in at - that is your new WordPress.ORG install blog /site

    The bad thing about WordPress software is that the .ORG & .COM blogs look almost the same in the Dashboard

  11. OK—so now there are 3 places to log in!
    I'm logged in to the url above as Admin…
    but… still do not see the Store link…
    thank you!!!

  12. FOUND IT!!!

  13. I love it when a plan comes together

    You be welcome & good luck

  14. thank you so far!
    now the pickle is…
    Hostgator says they're waiting for confirmation

    all seemed to be ok with domains—but now I see:
    Status: Transfer Away Accept/Decline Required
    and when I click that my contact info appears, with the red error:
    Contacts (edit all) Contact Validation Failed
    but of course, if I go to correct it I get the error:
    You cannot change the selected domain because it is not in an active status.

    Help still? thank you!!

  15. oh I think I found a way to finish this… fingers crossed… thank you so far!

  16. thank you! it all is done! whew!
    many thanks auxclass!

  17. and thanks raincoaster too. :)

  18. Glad you finally got there - good luck & you be welcome

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