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Email isnt working after redirect of domain

  1. Hello all,

    I have a website called I recently redirected my domain to my wordpress blog. I was told I need to enter MX records somewhere. I have also been told I need to enter Cname records somewhere. I have the information that I need for that from webs but I dont understand the wordpress format or where to put it. Can someone help me format the information I was given from webs into my wordpress settings?

    Is this the DNS record area of the domain name? The example I see of a MX or Cname entry is confusing compared to what they gave me. here is what they gave me.

    * Host:
    * Address:
    * Type: MX
    * Priority: 0

    * Host:
    * Address:
    * Type: CNAME
    * Priority: 0

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. You are referring to this?

    It is confusing indeed, because they don't seem to clarify the difference between your domain name and the server itself.
    Try this.


    If it doesn't work, show your mail provider the URL I gave you.

  3. Does anyone know how I can install the customer/technical support connection on my page? I tried to update to my domain name but for some reason even though I clicked to do it several times, it didn't work and I am getting an error message saying that the domain upgrade has expired! Please help...:) Thanks!

  4. @smd24530: For the sake of organization, please start a separate topic, specify the domain name in question, and we'll take it from there.

  5. Thank you for that format. Where exactly do I add this information? In the DNS area of the domain?

  6. @econciergelive: Check the link I gave you and read it carefully. It explains just where to go and where to add the information.

  7. SorryI forgot to respond! Air you are brilliant! Thank you it worked!

  8. You're welcome :-)

  9. My domain registrar gave us the following MX and CNAME records to redirect my email:

    In C Name: points to
    In MX Priority. High; Medium

    How do I input this correctly so that it works? So far no luck. Thanks!

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