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    This is for our website – as of yet, we do not have a blog; need to get the kinks worked out of the site first!
    EMAIL ISSUE: The site was designed in WordPress, and the domain is hosted on GoDaddy. The WordPress site points to the GoDaddy hosting to be live. All good. However, the email address, still hosted on GoDaddy, no longer “works”. The email was set up as separate from the web hosting because we did not know where the hosting would take place ultimately. I cannot get “into” WordPress to find out what the DNS settings are so as to edit them to include the MX settings – I can get to the DNS page where edit is an option, but that page, when it opens, shows me a blank box that I am to fill with the information – my question is: WHAT information? If I copy/paste the MX settings, will that overwrite what’s there, so now my site will be down, but possibly my email will work again? Will it add to the settings already there, which would be good, if the email now works? I have no idea and the WordPress page does not give me the information I need. So, where are the DNS settings previously entered, located, so I can edit the actual DNS settings?
    DESIGN ISSUE: How do I get to the bottom of my website to change two things? 1) I want to change the color of the footer where my Flickr postings are. 2) How do I change the very bottom of the footer where it says “Best Part of the Civil War … The End” to include the words “copyright 2011”. I am more familiar with html, and this has been a blast to learn, but still – I am a bit out of my league! Thank you to all who consider helping me! magi

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. Here’s how to change the MX records on to include your GoDaddy settings:

    In regards to the design, it looks like you are using a Premium Theme. Support for Premium Themes is provided in a special forum by the designers themselves. Please follow the instructions here to access that forum:

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