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  1. Help...I need to have a link for students to email me in one of my text widgets. How do I do this. HTML in the text box does not work. HOw do I do this?

  2. Worked for me:

    <a href="mailto:somedummy@anotherdummy.ttt">Email test</a>

    edit: Dummy is a test term for me. Nothing meant by it. :)

  3. I tried the above to put in "Contact Me" first as a text widget, then as a blogroll. Neither worked. Now I have the words "Contact me" in gray on my sidebar, not clicking or anything. Help?

  4. Do you want an active link, one which pops up an email draft? I believe that takes some tweaking to shield it from spammers. It can be done, but I don't know the details. I opted for a graphic, created here:

    I created a "contact" page which, in Pressrow, will also give you a tab above the header image. So you get something like this...

    ...which should be immune to spammers.

  5. Deleted goobs of incorrect tags.

    Marcys, I see a widget with the title of "contact me" and the body of a closing a tag. You need to put the entire link into the widget body, not the title which is what I think you may have tried to do.

  6. growthmad, I dont actually understand what you're talking about (sorry).
    drmike, I put the Contact Me in the title and my email address in the widget body. So what are you saying? PUt both into the body? I can't see how that would work, considering that only wht I put into the title space remained--AND, I can't seem to get rid of it. Maybe I need to use Foxfire? instead of Safari? to do this?

  7. "Contact Me" is a heading. It's not a clickable link email address itself. In order to have a clickable email link for people to use you have to place the code for the clickable link into the body of the text widget and save it.
    <a href="mailto:somedummy@anotherdummy.ttt">Email test</a>

  8. marcys,

    Let me try again. I just tested it, and the text widget link you are thinking about installing pops up an email draft. Also, I don't think it is in any way modified to block spammers from using it to email you spam. I think you will, in time, be bombarded with spam if you use it.

    I posted a link to a site at which you simply enter your email address (as long as it's a Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, or other one of the addresses they support) and it generates a bit of code which you then paste into a page you write. (I think you could also display it in a text widget.) It displays a graphic non-clickable image of your email address which a reader can then use to email you. See the links I provided.

    (For any kind of link you need to enter the right code to make it display as a link. You can usually just create it by going to --->write--->post, and using the editor to make a link, then cut-pasting it to wherever you want it. For the link drmike is describing you can just copy-paste what he posted into a text widget [into the white field in the widget which you see by clicking the icon on the right end of the widget], then replace the text he used between the quotation marks and where he wrote "email test" with your own address and title.)

    Better? :)

  9. @growthmadness
    Well done.
    FYI here is the link to an email address generator that doesn't have to be Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc. thus it can be useful for those with their own websites.
    generator -
    blog article -

  10. timethief -- Yeah, that looks like a good option. Before I found out about such generators, I tried fiddling around with screenshots of gmail's logo to make my own. Lemme tell you, the generators are the way to go!

  11. So it won't support earthlink?

  12. You can use the email image generator to create an image of any email address. You just type it in and click "generate". The image appears and you can save it to your computer. Then you upload it into a post and link it in the editor. Next you copy and paste the code into a text widget and save it.

  13. My question may seem stupid but please answer me. My english is quite broken and I do apologize in advance . I have this option e-mail me in the side bar of my blog but I think it doesn't work. Although the blog is in Bulgarian which most likely you can't read will some of you try to mail me just to see whether it worsk or not. the link is in English.Thank you for trying.

  14. The address worked for me. The subject doesn't come up though. You have not told it to be used as the subject. That is the issue.

    <a href=" is from your blog">Email me!</a>

    Hope this helps,

  15. Thank you for answering me. The reason why I think this link doesn't work is because in the stas I see clicks on "e-mail me" but I don't receive mail. May be the problem is that most people in my country use only web free based mail addresses?!?!? I am sorry for being a nuisance but I don't undesrtand what does" The subject doesn't come up" mean. What I have in the mail widget is Email me! shall I change it with the one you have written in you answer? Thank you for your time.

  16. Oh I obviously made a mistake :-( I wanted you to see the text in my mail widget but I made a link instead copying it's contents. What I meant was that after my e-mail address I don' have the text "=subject" - is this the problem?
    I am sorry for my english I hope you understand me.

  17. Visitors to your blog won't see the subject, but it needs to be in the code. Did you put it in there?

  18. Yes I did and I finally caught :-) that "this is from your blog" will appear as subject of the mails I will receive. I am sorry for bothering with stupid questions but english as well as blogging are my week points and there is no forum bulgarian speaking members. Thanks for your help it means a lot to me.The puppies on the blog are stray animals that I found 3 months ago and I take care of them and their mother and seek people willing to adopt such a dog. 2 of them are already happy Archi & Tango.

  19. I'm glad you got it to work for you. :)

  20. I link this text to my image and got the email to work mailto:[email redacted] However i couldnt figure how to get the subject line working.

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