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    Strange and alarming, wondered why I never received mail although the stats show it has been clicked. Doesn’t work for different emails. Copied the code in the blog:

    contact me

    Email editor starts up and all, seem to be sending mail but it never arrives…Anybody who can help me out? Thanks a lot. Praise WordPress!



    Hey! my question doesn’t show code but link! That’s just the problem…this is the link I copied’Wilt u boeken



    The automatic email will not work in

    (1) This is how you can offer email updates of your posts to your readers

    (2)You can also put your email address in a text widget and display it in your sidebar

    (3) If you decide to post an email address in a text widget in your sidebar I would offer the following advice to avoid being spammed:
    (a) Do not use your primary email address, instead get a throw away free one from yahoo, hotmail, or wherever.
    (b) When you post your email address use an email image generator to discourage spam bots from reading it. Here are links to some free email address image generators:
    Here is the link to an email address generator that doesn’t have to be Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc. thus it can be useful for those with their own websites.
    generator –
    blog article –



    Sorry about this, can’t even display the copied code without it becoming a link… So it DOES work, only no mail is arriving. Please help!
    <a href="mailto:(email redacted)">contact me</a>



    Thank you timethief!



    For reference, code displays if you put it in between backticks. On a PC keyboard, that’s the key to teh left of the ‘1’ key and above the tab key.

    Hope this helps,

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