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    Sorry to be thick, but how does one code or mark a email address in a post so that it links directly to the email when clicked? Thanks


    I asked this a while ago

    here is how you do it, thanks to silrenwulf

    If you title a text widget with Contact Us or something, then insert this code, should do it for you.
    href=”mailto:insert your email addy here”
    >Email Us<



    Do remember though that’s what spam scrapers are looking for when they scouring pages looking for address to send spam to. :(

    You could always do something like this:

    myaddress ( at ) mydomain ( dot ) tld

    It’s a pain but no scraper will pick up on that.


    Doesn’t making it be “behind” the screen make it invisible to them? ie the fact that you have to perform an action to make it come up? Or are they that clever?
    I already receive so much junk mail, but so far it doesn’t look like it has increased tremendously since I’ve done this.



    Not sure what you mean by ‘behind the screen’ but if you put it like how you have it, it will be picked up.



    You guys are amazing. Thanks a lot for being so quick
    You guys need to get out. It is Saturday, or at least it is where I am!



    I have been out feeding and grooming livestock, shoveling stalls, moving hay bales and cleaning barns for at least 2-3 hours before I come on line. But perhaps you meant I should be at a mall with the Saturday urbanite shopaholics *lol* … too funny!


    HA! So you really are a horse owner! Happy day.
    Did you not click my link to “the benefits of 24/7 turnout for horses?? (for humans as well who don’t have to muck stalls).
    If personal stuff is also inappropriate, sorry.

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