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    I’ve purchased a premium account cause I wanted to transfer my external domain (example: to my wordpress blog. I read the step by step instructions and I only noticed you have a primary and secondary DNS servers. But the Goddady (actually my domain provider) helpdesk guy told me if I do so I would lose my only e-mail account (example: He said I won’t loose it only if wordpress gives me an IP adress to keep this e-mail linked to me. I wonder if wordpress team can answer that question. Can you provide me an IP adress to host my e-mail? Going further in this subject. What is the wordpress policy for premium clients emails. Is this service available in wordpress? Should I contract an external webmails service to link with my domain?
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    The blog I need help with is


    Member does not p[rovide an email service for domains. See here for what can be done please > Domains – Add Email >

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