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Email not sent to followers with post this morning

  1. When my scheduled post posted this morning an email was never sent to followers. Anyone have this issue?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Experienced the same problem. Also did not post to my Facebook page connection. Anyone have any ideas on what we do next?
    Assistance appreciated!

  3. having same problem. Updates didn't post to any of my social media page connections. Chris

  4. I'm having the same problem, *except* that my Twitter feed is posting fine -- the auto-emails to followers and auto-posts to Facebook are NOT working for me either!

    I posted the same basic question here:

    This is my blog:

  5. @andyotto
    Scheduled posts do not publish until the first visitor to the site after the date and time scheduled clicks in and triggers publication of the post.

  6. @sekt21, crakes, nastyshadows
    Did your scheduled posts publish but not appear on social networks? Or did the scheduled post not publish at all?

  7. Thanks for the reply, timethief!

    Yes, my post published fine:

    ... and it fed out to my twitter. But no auto-emails went to Followers, and Facebook shows nothing either.

    That forum link isn't of much use here, since it's the email that's the problem ...

    Thanks for any help!

  8. @nastyshadows
    You already posted a thread for Staff support. Please post there only and not into this thread as well.

  9. Sorry! Just trying to cover all the bases! I'd post the solution back over to either thread so anyone else looking would know ... that was my thinking, but I'll leave this alone now ...

  10. Posting into more than one thread simply guarantees that it will take longer to get help because Staff work on the first posted first served by datestamp and timestamp model, as would be expected.

  11. Timethief: Yes, I visited my own page and it had been visited. But my scheduled post simply did not email to followers as it normally does when I post or when a scheduled post posts.

  12. @andyotto
    Thanks for your reply. I'll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  13. Yes, my scheduled post showed up on time on my page, but did not auto-email or post to Facebook and Twitter. I have plenty of traffic on any given day, so I do not think it is lack of visitors. I am subscribed to this thread. Any idea how long staff assistance takes? It is a busy time of year with school starting.

  14. I see @nastyshadows was responded to on their other thread, but no response here. I'm worried that future posts won't be emailed to my followers. When can we expect a response?

  15. Threads are answered from oldest to newest by staff. Every time you post to the thread you move it back in the line, so just wait. There's clearly some sort of widespread RSS/email issue and has been for several days.

  16. Hi Andy,

    It looks like this is your most recent post:

    Is that the one that didn't get emailed to your followers?

    Also, can you please let me know one or more followers (usernames or email addresses) who didn't receive the email notification? That will help me investigate the issue on our end. Thanks!

    @sekt21 & @crakes1 -

    Can you please give me a link to the post that wasn't sent out to your followers? Please confirm whether the post was scheduled or if it was published immediately, along with the usernames or email addresses of one or more followers who didn't get the email notification.

    If you have other concerns about your newly published posts (such as problems publicizing those posts to social media), please start a new forum thread with your question. That will help us keep these issues straight so we can keep track of what's going on. :) Thanks!

  17. Yes, this post:

    ... was scheduled, posted, but failed to email. [email redacted] is one email it failed to send to. I didn't receive it either. I tried changing the post to a draft and then republishing it but that didn't do anything.


  18. Thanks, Andy. I'm checking with our team now to find out more about that missing email notification. I'll let you know as soon as I get an update about it!

  19. This post was scheduled to post 8/11/14 at 03:08. It posted to WordPress, but none of my followers received it and it did not post to the Facebook page
    I have been able to publicize the post in other ways, and have not heard from anyone who DID get it by email, but known email addresses that did not receive it are [email redacted], [email redacted] & [email redacted], [email redacted], [email redacted], [email redacted], [email redacted], [email redacted], [email redacted], [email redacted], [email redacted], [email redacted], [email redacted]

  20. Hi everyone,

    I checked with our team, and they let me know that there was a glitch on August 11 that may have caused email notifications not to go out to your followers. However, that shouldn't affect any new posts you publish (scheduled or published immediately). I'm sorry for the inconvenience with these posts!

  21. So, a new post I completed and published today for immediate publication is not going out to LinkedIn nor Facebook.



  22. Hi Jeff, can you please start a new forum thread with your question? This thread is specifically about email notifications, and posting about those Publicize issues in a new thread will help us keep things straight. :) Thanks!

  23. Done.

  24. Interesting...did post a new thread and it does not appear. Will post yet another new thread.

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