Email notification and/or dashboard widget for “pending” posts?

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    Hello! I have a new blog that includes several additional bloggers set up as “contributors.” I was surprised and confused to discover that when one of my contributors submits their post to me, the administrator, for review before posting, I’m not notified of this in any way. There is no email sent to me, there is nothing that appears on my blog Dashboard — no notification of any sort whatsoever. The only way I can know if a contributor has submitted a post for review is if I go look at the listing of all posts and scan through to see if there is one marked “pending.”

    This seems like the most elementary and obvious of features — if I can get an email every single time someone posts a comment on my blog, why can’t I be emailed when a writer submits a post to me for review? I’m wondering if there’s just a setting I don’t have set up correctly? Or if there is a Dashboard widget I can install? ANYTHING?

    Any potential solutions or workarounds to this would be greatly appreciated. I can’t imagine the only solution is to log in and check the post listing a gazillion times a day to see if anything new has come in from one of our writers. That can’t be right!

    Thanks in advance for your help or suggestions!

    The blog I need help with is



    You can go to Posts and select Drafts under the filter.

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