Email Notification failing – again

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    drmike – This is not deja-vu. I have the notification by email when a comment is posted checked and all of a sudden I’m not being notified of comments. Again, two comments appeared on my blog today without my being notified. I happened to check my blog for something else and saw them. When I raised this previously it was resolved satisfactorily, now it seems to be happening again. Can you help? Note – the notifications are not in my junk mail folder, one commentor did leave their email address, but the other only shows their ip address. The time before it happened with people leaving email addresses. I would appreciate hour help in resolving this.Thanks.



    Not sure. I never get comments on my blogs here. I went ahead and made another comments on yours. I would send in a Feedback from your Dashboard and see if maybe Podz or Andrew sees something not set correctly on your blog. (I don’t have backend access so I can’t help with that)

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    Thanks for reply – sent in the feedback.

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