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Email Notification for Latest Post Wasn't Sent Out

  1. dressuponacloudyday

    I posted a post last night around 11, and the email notification still hasn't been sent out. I also didn't receive a comment notification for the comment that was posted shortly after posting my post, but I received a notification for the later comment.

    What's the longest it could take to send out an email notification? I was under the impression it happened instantaneously. Is there anyway that I could manually make wordpress send out a notification about my latest post?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Considering how many blogs I'm subscribed to, I amazed that I hadn't noticed until now that I haven't received a new post notification since yesterday (including for the post I published this morning). In fact, since about 3:30pm EDT yesterday, I've received only one follow-up comment notification (for another blog) and one new follower notification.

    What's up with the email system?

  3. thistimethisspace

    I'm sorry that happened and have tagged this thread for Staff attention.

  4. Thanks TT. Nothing's changed on my end yet - still getting only comment notices, including one for yours.

    I wonder why no one else is complaining?

  5. Would you please check your spam folders?

  6. dressuponacloudyday

    Nothing in the spam folders. I asked some of my friends to check if they'd gotten the email and no one has.

  7. Is the address currently on your account one of the addresses which did not receive the post, and was it the post?

  8. There's nothing from WordPress in my GMail spam folder, and they aren't being redirected to my GMail trash folder either.

  9. Is the address currently on your account one of the addresses which did not receive the post, and was it the post?

  10. I also confirmed that the address for my WordPress account still matches my GMail account - just in case.

  11. dressuponacloudyday

    It was that particular post, but I'm email subscribed to my blog under a different email account : the email megana (at) gmail (dot) com.

  12. I think I *may* have found a clue as to what's behind my email notification problems. I say *may* because I've never quite understood the difference between "follow" and "follow by email" - if there is a difference.

    At any rate, the page brought up when I click the "Subscription Options" link in an email tells me that "You are not actively following any blogs." Whereas under "Edit Blogs I Follow" on the Reader page, every blog I follow (all 577 of them) has the message "You get no post and no comment emails for this blog" associated with it.

    Now I don't know what has happened to make such blanket changes, but I assure you that I took no intentional actions to do so. Actually, I don't even know how, and I don't know how to change them all back either other than going to each individual blog and subscribing again.

    I do know that, before yesterday, I received regular post notifications from all of them that are still active.

  13. izaakmak, that sounds like the problem. Switch that from Off to Instant, and you'll get emails.

    dressuponacloudyday, can you give me one more Gmail address from a reader who didn't receive emails for your blog?

  14. Thanks macmanx. I guess I'll have to do that for each of them individually, since I see no mechanism for switching them all back to Instant at once. But the question of how they all got switched to Off in the first place still remains, not to mention my having no guarantee that it won't happen again...

  15. To be honest, I'm not sure. Perhaps you were at one point subscribed to them all via email separate from your account, but we'd have no way of directly confirming that.

  16. I've never subscribed with an email address other than the one currently associated with my account, and that's the same email address that has always been associated with my account.

    I'm just guessing here, but I suspect that this is the result of having some parts of your software programmed to see "following" via the top bar on blogs and "following" via a sidebar button widget as the same thing, while other parts see them as different. And the reason I think that's the case is because, in a few instances, I've used the top bar to "follow" a blog that didn't have the sidebar widget but never got the expected emails - which left me to go back, leave a comment, and then use the "Notify me of new posts via e-mail" checkbox.

  17. The difference would be if you're logged out, you don't see a Follow button up top, and the Follow sidebar widget is email-only.

    If you're logged in, they both do the same thing.

  18. dressuponacloudyday

    It looks like some people have gotten it but others haven't. I still haven't received anything and also ramya.chinthalapani (at) gmail (dot) com hasn't gotten anything.

  19. dressuponacloudyday, I ended up spending a half hour or so on "Edit Blogs I Follow" on the Reader page, resetting the email notifications for each blog I follow individually. I suspect you'll have to do the same.

  20. dressuponacloudyday

    Huh. The email seems to have appeared in my inbox and shows that it was sent two days ago, but it wasn't there yesterday or day before...Not sure what happened.

  21. Hm, probably something on Gmail's end. The date is actually the date received, not the date sent.

  22. Hi
    It seems I may be experiencing something similar. No one has received notices of any postings I have made. I am unsure whether there is a problem, or it is me being obtuse and not seeing a particular tickbox to allow notification to followers of new posts - the site has only been going for a week or two.
    Can anyone advise?

  23. Please ask your email followers to check their spam folders, and if you're still having trouble, please open your own thread:

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