Email notification: I want it to show longer text, not as excerpt

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    I use the 2012 Theme with an upgrade.

    When email with new post is received, I would like the text appearing with paragraphs, including image (if image is used).

    Currently, email notification is brief, which contains only excerpt and the text is not cut off at the right place.

    Please let me know how I could restore the original feature on email notification. This problem with excerpt only appeared since my recent upgrade. Is there a link with the upgrade?

    Many thanks.

    Please compare my old and new email notification layouts. I would like the old style back. Many thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    The difference is in how you wrote the posts.

    This post uses the more tag:

    This post does not use the more tag:

    If you use the more tag in a post, only the part before the more tag gets sent by email. If you don’t use the more tag, the full post will get sent by email.

    See for info. about the more tag itself.

    Side note: you have posted this question in the CSS Customization forum, but email formatting cannot be updated via custom CSS.



    Thank you for your help. I’ll look into this and thank you for the link.


    I don’t like the paragraphs in a blog post to disappear in an email. I would expect the email to show part of text (before ‘add more’) in paragraphs as indicated in the post.

    I don’t like full text to show in email either. It’ll be too much for the readers.

    I’ll have a think again to find a better solution. Many thanks for your notes, and I’ll have a think.

    (To be honest, this issue is not a life-and-death issue, but it’s more of a stylistic issue for me. )


    Maybe a solution could be: add the more tag where you want it for email when you very first publish a post, and then update it after that in an edit so it’s different for anyone that clicks through to a posts page from that point forward.

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