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email notification of new post in group blog??

  1. We're wondering if there's a way to set up our blog so that an email is generated to the group members when someone publishes a new post.


  2. Answer: You can't set up this email notification of every new blog post with wp MU technolgy but there's an alternative.
    Explanation: Quoting lorelle:
    Email notifications of updates are fairly old technology. I would highly recommend you teach your readers about rss feeds instead, as they are much easier to use and brings the content to the reader not just an email that says "go visit the site".
    For blogs which post frequently, email notifications are annoying. You get an email for every post released. For blogs which post rarely, feeds are still the best way for people to "subscribe" so they don't miss a thing on your blog.

  3. Nothing built in. You may want to do a search though your favorite search engine though looking for one of those services that monitor sites and sent you an email when the site that they're monitoring gets updated.

    I think Bloglines and Feedburner have something like this as well.

  4. Thanks for your help!!!

    (Totally don't know how I missed that in the FAQs.)

    Much appreciated.

  5. You're welcome.

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