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Email Notifications

  1. I am part of a post-graduate cohort which is private (off the grid) and in which we each have listed each other under the "privacy" tab as "visable only to the users I choose". The question is: how can I set it up so that while only I can write the initial post (to which they comment) - everyone can get email notification that either I have posted a post or that someone has commented to it. I would be satisfied with simply all six of them recieving a notification (even if it is without the content of the post) that something has been posted. Thanks.

  2. if i'm not wrong, feed reading services like feedburner allows e-mail notification to be sent out. there is not wp feature that currently does this, though.

  3. I don't think that would work though since feedburner wouldn't have access to the feed since the blog is marked private.

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