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  1. me and another person created a blog via wordpress and we used one person's email. How do we had the second person's email so that comments/notifications are then sent to both?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi,

    Sorry for the delay in responding to your question. More information about e-mail notifications can be found here:

    If you want both individuals to get all notifications, the best way that I know about is to either 1) have an e-mail address that is configured to send to both people or 2) setup a rule/filter in the person's e-mail to automatically forward to the other.

    Personally, I have one blog like that and I use Gmail to do this for me. I set the Settings->General e-mail address to my-gmail-user-name+something @ Notice the "+something". Gmail allows any e-mail address to be "extended" with a plus sign followed by anything you want.

    In your case, you can do example-user-name+blog @

    Then within Gmail, I have a filter setup so any e-mail sent to example-user-name+blog @ is forwarded to the second person's e-mail address.

    I admit it's not the smoothest solution, but it would provide the result you're seeking!

    Hope that helps!

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