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Email notifications

  1. I have been getting the new style emails from my blogs I follow but nothing is appearing in the email....I do have it set to HTML...strange

    I like to read the emails and then go to the blogs if I want to comment.

    Kriss :)

  2. Are you currently using AOL or Outlook webmail? If not, what is your email provider?

  3. I am using gmail and incredimail client...worked fine before then just stopped...really weird...

    Kriss :)

  4. Thanks, we're looking into it.

  5. I have a subscriber to one of my blogs that has the same issue. She receives the email alert that there is a new post but this is her comment this morning:

    whoever has been sending out the last 2 emails is doing something wrong. there are no attacments or enclosures and so we have no idea what is in the email.

    I'd like to get this resolved as soon as possible. Is there any information I can ask her that may help?


  6. Which email client is she using?
    Does here email client accept HTML or plain text only?
    Which browser and version of it is she using?

  7. I've posted the questions to her. But there has not been a problem except for the last two email notifications. When she gets back to me I'll post the info.


  8. Here is the info from my subscriber:

    1. I am using Century Link. formerly Qwest.
    2. My email accepts HTML and plain text.
    3. My browser is Internet Explorer.

    I get attachments end enclosures with other emails so don't understand why yours are blank. Please let me know if you need any other information from me.

  9. Thanks so much for sharing that information though the version of Internet Explorer has not been provided. Staff are currently working on a fix so wel will all have to be patient while they sort it out.

  10. This should be all fixed up now. Sorry for the trouble!

  11. It is still blank for me, a heading but blank email from the blogs I am following....
    big bummer!

  12. The fix only applies to posts published after it was established just a little bit over an hour ago.

  13. Thank you, received a blank one about two hours we will see....

  14. I use aol and IE 7, all emails from wordpress blogs are coming up blank. I open them and the body of the email is a light gray but not a word. trying reply or open in another window makes no difference. This is only woith wordpress otifications, all the rest of my mail comes in fine.
    I see elsewhere someone asked and it was said the problem was resolved as of the writing of this post it is not resolved ad this has been ongoing for a number of days.
    Please advise.
    Thank you.

  15. NOT resolved! I use aol 7.5, through Time Warner Cable and I believe aol is IE????
    Yes, several days now...frustrating....also other things don't work, I sign in and click on blogs I follow and nothing comes up! Thank you for trying to resolve this!

  16. Thanks for letting us know, I guess it's back to the drawing board.

  17. I just found out what is happening. the emails are coming in such a large format that the post is there but you have to search all over the email - vertically and horizontally to find it.

  18. Thanks, that definitely helps!

  19. I have searched ALL over, horizontally, vertically, full screen, every which way...they are blank!!!!!!!

  20. Either way, that's still a problem. We're working on it.

  21. WOOHOO just got an email sent at about the same time as your update on here macmanx and it came through with writing in it...acutally the full post as it should for me fixed for the moment...

    Kriss :)

  22. Nope - my members are still getting blank emails. Subject line is fine but the body is a light gray box. Why thoughts? THANKS for any help that you can give or insights that you can offer.

    - Karen

  23. ok this morning the wordwrap not working on emails....

    It never rains but it pours....LOL

    Kriss :)

  24. Greetings!

    I am managing a blog where I want to notify the folks via e-mail on my list when new content has been posted. When I tried to modify it on the settings tab asking to send an e-mail when a something has changed, it comes across as e-mail with code.

    Thoughts on what I can do?



  25. @ma21cclc: This topic is marked "resolved" and is about a very specific bug (blank messages being sent out). For the sake of organization, please start a separate topic and we'll take it from there:

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