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Email notifications from Password-protected Blog

  1. My work - a small office approx 15 people - set up a password-protected blog to use internally like an intranet. Management requests that we all receive an email notifying us when somebody posts. The people I want notified are all of the users - we have about 15. IS THIS POSSIBLE?

    I don't know how to get the RSS feed link to use a tool like feedburner. I entered and it got rejected. Is this because our blog is password protected?

    I thought if I made all users"admin" that each person can opt for email notifications in their settings. At least is there a way for ONE person to be notified of new entries? Note - I am talking about posts, not comments. THANKS!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Is the blog set to private? If so, then the blog will not have an RSS feed since there is not agreed upon way of doing secure RSS feeds and it might be a while before all the different RSS standards people come to some sort of consensus.

    That also means that there is no way to have an email notification through feedburner (the only choice for us here at wordpress.COM) since feedburner pulls the information for the email subscriptions from your feed - which doesn't exist when the blog is set to private.

    There just really isn't anyway to do this at I'm afraid. It might be something that could be done with a self-hosted wordpress install, but I've never researched that.

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