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    I have a wordpress hosted blog where I must approve comments.

    Initially it was set up to have emails go to an aol account. But aol is driving me nuts at the moment, so I changed the email on the blog account to a yahoo account. That was working fine for a while, but I was getting copies of comment notification both at aol and yahoo.

    Today I stopped getting the notifications in my yahoo inbox. I checked earlier today and the email in my account was changed back to aol. OK. A little searching of the faqs and I found that you can’t have two wordpress accounts on the same email (I also have a private one that I signed up for using my yahoo account). So I changed my email over to my gmail account (sigh…. I do have too many email accounts).

    So now I’m getting the comment notifications in my gmail account (cool) but they are also slowly trickling into my yahoo account (I got notifications for two of the last three comments posted). Those three notifications came to gmail in all one batch but the two that came to my yahoo account came separated by about 30 minutes and a good 30 minutes after I had gotten the notifications in my gmail account.

    On a positive note, it doesn’t appear that I’ve gotten any notifications in my aol account.

    Let me know if you need any other details.




    Without seeing the headers of the emails in question, there’s not a whole lot I can answer with. As a system Admin, sending email to Yahoo can be an experience. I’d like to say that it’s because their boxes are sending spam for their business clients but that’s getting off topic. I’ve seen email take a couple of days before appearing. It all depends on their traffic at the time.

    Email going to two different accounts at the same time isn’t possible with the software currently. You’re free to suggest that via Feedback to staff.

    Hope this helps,



    “Email going to two different accounts at the same time isn’t possible with the software currently.”

    But that’s exactly what it’s doing…. And those last couple moderation messages show up in my bulk box on my yahoo account.

    It’s not a huge big deal, I just thought it was strange.



    If you have 2 completely different usernames and two completely different email addresses for them – no problem. That’s not your situation. What you are experiencing is strange.
    The final point being that as drmike told you this is an issue that only staff can sort out and remedy via a feedback. Volunteers cannot help you. So please make sure you’ve sent feedback in to staff containing as much information as you can possibly provide.



    Sorry, in my sleep deprived state I misread drmike’s response to mean that I should suggest this as a feature to the programmers.

    I will definitely file a bug report then.

    Thanks for the help.



    Go to your “Options” page, see if you still have the old email address there.



    What I was saying was that the emails to one of teh accounts were probably delayed. Without seeing the headers of the messages though and checking the server times of where the messages were at what times, I couldn’t be sure. Some of the free mail services are known for having clogged systems which may be what’s happening here.

    And, yes, feel free to suggest the feature where you could cc your notifications if you want. :)

    But, as per Matt, please see what address is currently listed.

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