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email notifications include entire post

  1. When I create a new post, an email goes out to all my subscribers with the entire post in the body of the email. The problem is that my posts are short stories and I only want to first sentence or so to be in the email notification. How do I make this happen.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello,
    You can set your RSS Feed for post to "summary" here> Settings > Reading
    For each article in a feed, show
    __Full text
    click "save changes"

  3. OK thanks for that.

    Does that setting apply to both RSS feeds and emails?

  4. Yes

  5. OK thanks. I appreciate all the help.

  6. thistimethisspace

    You're welcome from me. (I'm the same person ie. timethief but I'm currently logged in under my username account for my personal blog).

  7. timethief, I thank you too. I was trying to figure out how NOT to include the entire new post in the email notification. Is there anywhere to keep RSS feeds showing whole post, but only brief summary in email notifications to subscribers?

  8. Not at there isn't.

  9. If you insert a "more" tag in your posts, does that override showing Full Text in a feed or email?

    I had never, until now, been able to get my own posts via email even though I was subscribed. So I've never seen what others see. No I am subscribed and I have Full Text selected but I always use a "more" tag.

    If "more" tag does not cut off the full post, any suggestions as to what's going on?

  10. It's the RSS Fed "summary setting" that's the one that matters when it comes to what goes out in the emails. I found that out the hard way myself. All my posts had "the more tag" in them I was very unhappy when I discovered that tag does not do the trick.

  11. Hi.
    Thanks for the quick reply. I'm a little confused though. I do have Full Text selected and I want full text to show in emails.

    I use the "more" tag because I want the home page to show a bunch of posts, not just one.

    Your answer sounds like the opposite solution to what I'm looking for, but maybe I'm misunderstanding. I want both a "more" tag for the blog home page and I want full text for the emails.


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