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  1. email followers:

    Hello support,
    Just checking to see if it's WP or me.
    I never have issues with WP emailing my new posts. However today I have yet to receive one. Latest post was a DRAFT turned PUBLISHED but I have yet to receive in my email. I have to conclude neither has anyone whom follows me either.
    Usually email sent near instantly after publish, yet as of this writing 10 minutes has transpired with nothing.
    No setting have been changed on this blog on email notifications ever.
    If it's just a delay because of maintenance on WP end or something else that's fine by me. Just want to make sure.

    Mark St.Cyr
    Blog url:

  2. Have you checked your email spam filter?

  3. Hello TT,

    Yes...Everything else seems to be coming through fine such as these responses via same email.
    This post just might have been a glitch or ghost in the machine.
    I ask because one time I thought something was me only to realize there was an issue they corrected.
    Thanks for you suggestion.

  4. Just received my New Post notification.

    Nearly ONE HOUR later after posting. That was a first yet it did arrive.

    All is good, Thanks too all for suggestions.

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  5. Thanks for that update. I'm so glad you got the email. Happy blogging. :)

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