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    Hello WordPress folks,

    I am aware of the feed blocking situation that prevents the Feedburner or similar route for sending email update notifications.

    I have a protected blog (for a nonprofit film festival planning committee) and need to send email updates somehow to my membership — if i can even get a single email out I can filter it through an other listserv for subscriptions. Is there anyway to accomplish this at Or is the ONLY route to get a wordpress install hosted where I can fiddle with plugins a bit more.

    So this is just a bump to try to get this addressed! I’ve always wanted to give a go, but my festival folks refuse to use more than one tool for organizing stuff.




    Only thing I can think of is creating a mail list with what ever mail tool that you use with the email addresses that need to get notified and sending out an update notification manually after you post.

    A protected blog is protected. Working in a work around will give the hackers something to work out a workaround on their own end.

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