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email notifications still coming in the wrong name

  1. writerwannabe763

    I have been receiving email notifications in the wrong name . All notifications from all bloggers show as coming from one blogger since August 16. I have had no reply from wordpress about what is causing this to happen. PLEASE SOMEONE CHECK FOR ME. This may appear as a duplicate request because I have not had anyone contact me regarding problem...Diane Rawn
    Blog url:

  2. Hey there,

    It sounds like you've added the email address we send notifications from to your address book, causing that name to be displayed with all of the messages you receive. Can you please make sure that donotreply [at] wordpress [dot] com (be sure to replace at and dot with the proper fields) is not in your contact list?


  3. writerwannabe763

    Hi...I checked and I haven't got anything to do with wordpress in her email address I have [email redacted] Any other ideas? I temporarily put everyone on 'Daily' Digest but don't like to do that because some I like to get 'instantly'... I appreciate your trying. Diane

  4. writerwannabe763

    Hi "P"...I still think it has something to do with me making a 'comment ' on the blog of the person whose name is the one appearing on all 'instant' posts on Friday the 16th August. It was just after that all of the blogs appeared under her name The blog I made a post on that night was It's too coincidental that it happened right after that....just some info...Diane

  5. Can you take a screenshot of the email and upload the image to your Media Library so we can see what you're seeing?

    It was just after that all of the blogs appeared under her name The blog I made a post on that night was

    It's too coincidental that it happened right after that

    Hmm. If you checked "Notify me of follow-up comments via email" below the comment form, that would explain why you're seeing email notifications each time someone leaves a comment.

    You can click the "Modify your Subscription Options" link at the bottom of one of those emails to see a list of Comments you're following so you can delete it.

  6. writerwannabe763

    Hi Brian...first I didn't click send comments via email as that's not my issue. Second...I'm not getting comments made on her blogs...All my notifications are coming as being from her...I did a screen shot of what I'm seeing and it's in my media library if you can look at might help you out...thanks Diane

  7. writerwannabe763

    Something else I tried...see previous comments for original ones. At a suggestion of a fellow blogger I set my notifications to "never' for the person whose name appears on all the "from" notifications...but didn't work as I'm still getting her name...This is so exasperating....Diane

  8. Hey there,

    Can you please forward one of the notification emails with full headers to [email redacted], then post in this thread when you've done so?


  9. writerwannabe763

    I did as requested....followed instructions and sent full header etc...Diane

  10. Hi Diane,

    I've contacted you privately (via email) regarding this issue--please reply via that channel when you get the chance.


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