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    I realize there is no built-in mechanism to post via email. But…

    Is there a service out there that will do this? There is obviously an API because I can post via flickr. In fact I can even post via email to flickr and they will automatically post that to my blog (but this only works if I’m posting an image).

    I currently use to twitter via email. Is there any similar service that will allow me to blog via email to

    Thanks in advance!



    None of which I’m aware.



    Does maintain a list of all services that use their API? If not, is there another site that might maintain such a list?



    There does seem to be a new service at that uses email and then XML-RPC to post.



    I just emailed them. Hope to have a reply when I wake up tomorrow. Or maybe they’ll stop by and answer here. Cheers!



    Hi. I’m Sachin, one of the founders of Posterous. yes, you can use posterous to post to wordpress, both hosted and self hosted. Please email (email redacted) if you have any questions.


    @ a4agarwal

    Thanks so much for posting the answer here. I know there are a lot of people who are going to be very happy about this.



    And thank you Nick for pointing us to Posterous!



    I found this…

    Post to your blog using email

    * 1 Setting Up Post via E-mail
    o 1.1 Step 1 – Create an e-mail account
    o 1.2 Step 2 – Configure WordPress to access your new account
    o 1.3 Step 3 – Publish Your E-mail Posts
    + 1.3.1 Manual Browser Activation
    + 1.3.2 Automated Browser Activation
    + 1.3.3 WP-Cron Plugin Activation
    + 1.3.4 Cron Job Activation
    + 1.3.5 Procmail Activation
    + 1.3.6 .qmail Activation
    * 2 Email Format
    * 3 Testing
    * 4 Troubleshooting
    * 5 Extensions and Add-ons
    o 5.1 Enhanced Functionality Hack
    o 5.2 Hack E-mail Format

    WordPress can be configured to use e-mail to post to a blog. To enable this functionality, you need to:

    1. Create a dedicated e-mail account to be used solely for posting to your blog,
    2. Configure WordPress to access that account, and
    3. Configure WordPress to publish messages from the e-mail account

    You can blog by e-mail using most standard e-mail software programs or a Weblog Client — a program specifically designed to send posts via email.
    Setting Up Post via E-mail
    Step 1 – Create an e-mail account

    1. Log in to WordPress with the administration login you use to administer your WordPress blog.
    2. Go to Options > Writing.
    3. Read the instructions under Post via e-mail at the bottom of the page. At the end of these instructions, WordPress will suggest three random strings of numbers you may want to use for the login name of the new e-mail account you’ll create.
    4. Create a new e-mail account on your web host’s mail server or a separate e-mail server, using one of the suggested numeric strings (or your own secret word) for the username (also called a “login name”). A mail server receives e-mails on your behalf and stores them for retrieval. Do not use public, free e-mail servers like Yahoo, Hotmail, etc., for this account.
    Note: It is strongly recommended that you use a “secret” address – that is, an e-mail account name that is very difficult to guess and known only to you, such as those suggested by WordPress. Any e-mail sent to this address will automatically be posted to your blog. Be aware, however, that some e-mail servers do not allow numbers-only e-mail accounts or….



    And that won’t work here. Notice all the references to wordpress.ORG? This is wordpress.COM



    Thanks to all who pointed to Posterous!!

    Cheers, Alex.

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